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Once You Go VoIP, You Never Go Back!

VOIPsWith the current explosion of VoIP all over the world, it is not surprising that many people in the U.S. are now jumping on the VoIP bandwagon. The technology works by routing voice conversations over the Internet via IP networks. The voice data does not use circuit switch transmission lines of the past, but instead uses packet switched networks that do the same thing, but cheaper and more efficiently.

This amazing technology has many benefits for consumers and businesses today. Take a look at these top benefits and decide if you want to switch to VoIP today!

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VoIP Vs Business

VOPIS businessVoIP Vs Business So what is VoIP conference really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about VoIP conference–info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you. Voice communications delivered using IP networks is currently something of a phenomenon. The use of VoIP is rapidly becoming almost as common an occurrence as accessing the Internet. This trend, which originally started with individuals employing the technology to communicate without incurring telephone charges, is now spreading into mainstream business use. However, some IT professionals are expressing concerns over the use of VoIP in business environments.According to the results of a recent survey nearly 1 in 2 networking professionals have concerns about the general reliability and robustness of VoIP. Continue reading

To VOIP or not to VOIP- that is the question!

voip phone systemI used to love the TV commericals that Vonage, a well-known provider of VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol telephone service. My favorite one was the one with the rocket that went berserk and flew all over, with people dashing around madly to get out of the way. I watched the wayward rocket totally mesmerized, and then started laughing so hard when the Vonage theme music started playing that I almost fell off the couch! I liked the one where the photographer fell into the fountain, too. I wish Vonage would bring those commercials back- the ones that they show now are so dull in comparison. Most of these ads try to sell their calling services based on how much cheaper they are in comparison to traditional telephoning plans. They also discuss quality and clearness of telephone calls. If you are smart, you have, in all probability, questioned how much of this is honest information and how much is hype. Continue reading

Minimize online communications costs using a combination of VOIP and Video Streaming Technology!

video phonesIf you need to organize a face-to-face communication via the Internet you are to keep in mind quite a number of things: the video transmitter, the necessary equipment, the channel width, VoIP possibility and many others. Organizing a business web conference can be a real nightmare if you do not take into consideration a complex web-meeting software that can handle any tasks and establish well-structured and easy communication as well as enables files sharing opportunities. Continue reading