iPhones Are Another Gadget For VoIP Users

Voice over IP phones are great for the services they offer. But if you’re a computer user, but you’re also a fan of cellular phone gadgets, such as the smartphone or the Blackberry, you might be persuaded to consider an iPhone, even if it’s just another toy.

In the United States, people have been pleased with the services that Apple’s iPhone has to offer. And now, they’re getting ready to launch the iPhone in the UK, and you’ll be able to buy UK iPhones at Apple stores and exclusive retailers in November.

iphoneAlthough certainly, with iPhones and VoIP we’re talking apples and oranges (sorry about the pun), but you can’t take your VoIP with you everywhere you go, and you might be interested to know that you could sign up for a UK iPhone plan, and with the right roaming options enabled, be able to use that iPhone anywhere in the world that there is GSM coverage.

And while you won’t be able to play Half Life 2 on your iPhone like you would on your core-2 duo home machine, the UK iPhone prices are reasonable enough for you to invest in another gadget just to have one more way to be able to stay connected with all your geeky friends.

Roger Cook

Voice over Internet Protocol enthusiast and Tech Blogger.