Minimize online communications costs using a combination of VOIP and Video Streaming Technology!

video phonesIf you need to organize a face-to-face communication via the Internet you are to keep in mind quite a number of things: the video transmitter, the necessary equipment, the channel width, VoIP possibility and many others. Organizing a business web conference can be a real nightmare if you do not take into consideration a complex web-meeting software that can handle any tasks and establish well-structured and easy communication as well as enables files sharing opportunities.

Web-conferencing software has many advantages over simple free web-chats software products, Skype, VoIP paid software, Microsoft Exchange Web Server and other programs that can not work in coordination with one another. Moreover if you use a pack of such programs you can not lead a structured web seminar that ultimately results in time loss, inability to work together over one and the same project, inability to create a multi-chat with all channels (voice, video, data) enabled. Anyway, what is the point of ignoring the new video conferencing software that can save you much time and efforts?

Webinar presupposes using a definite system that is installed on every personal computer as well as on notebooks of every web online meeting participant. No one denies the fact that such software is not a free solution: being classified as a “shareware” program a webinar software can still save you money! You just buy a corporate license or separate copies for all your employees and forget about any other troubles! Additionally you get remote desktop control software as part of the package. The manufacturer will definitely supply you with the necessary updates for free or for minimum sums. The latter is called a subscription and you can decide whether it will be on a monthly or on an annual basis.
Choose a web-conferencing software and forget about a large number of programs that can boast of limited functionality and appear ineffective in a professional business strategy development!

Roger Cook

Voice over Internet Protocol enthusiast and Tech Blogger.