What you need to know about VoIP Systems for Business

Communication is one of the most essential building blocks in any society, whether it is a primitive underdeveloped culture, or perhaps a booming industrial nation like theUnited States; communication is the key to societal evolution. Communication has many different booming eras in the history of the United States; for example the developments of the radio, telephone, and internet have enabled us to facilitate knowledge in a global manner. However it hasn’t been since quite recently, as of 2004, which this nation has privatized and made use of the efficient communicative technology known as VoIP.

VOIP for business
VoIP simply stands for Voice over Internet Protocol; meaning that it utilizes the technology implanted in internet communication to facilitate voice or phone communications. Only a decade ago we still relied heavily on standard 56kbps quality telephone lines to call people from all over the world. However with the significant strides and leaps in internet quality we are now able to harness cable lines that can withstand up to or more than 100mps; over a hundred times faster speeds than that of only ten years ago. With these superior quality connections it enables us as a nation to easily set up telephone services over the internet through our ISP, Internet Service Providers. This kind of technology is revolutionary in every sense because it has brought our nation closer and closer to the concept of globalization; or the societal integration of countries from all around the world. This technology obviously had huge implications in communication as well as global trade and marketing.

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One significant aspect that this technology has enabled us to accomplish is the ability to communicate not only through voice but through video as well. Before with only 56kbps lines this kind of technology was impossible to achieve; but with VoIP technologies businesses all around can communicate literally face to face via computers and hand-held devices like tablet computers and cell phones to talk to people hundreds or even thousands of miles away as if they were right there with you, in the very moment. As anyone could imagine this technology has the ability to provide not only a lucrative market of communication, but it also allows for an even more lucrative ability for companies to save money through traveling by simply communicating with company representatives over these VoIP services. It also enables for these companies to make huge globalized communications that may have been unknown without the use of the Voice over Internet Protocol technologies. Domestically this type of technology has already gained considerable ground as businesses are starting to reach out to previous 56kbps quality telephone communications; providing customers the ability to convert them over to the faster and more efficient technologies in communications services. This technology is also considerably cheaper for many customers whom previously used 56kbps quality lines, making it even more attractive for domestic customers. The use of VoIP technologies had revolutionized our world in more ways than one and will continue to advance the globalization of the world-wide market.

Roger Cook

Voice over Internet Protocol enthusiast and Tech Blogger.